Anonymous asked:

Just for the record for the person who sent the ask, the majority of studies show you can't actually lose fat from certain areas of your body instead of other, you simply lose weight and the area it comes from is determined mostly by genetics. Ab exercises will make it LOOK flatter/toned though. Google 'spot reduction' for more info on that.

Training Journey Answer:

Yeah, for some reason i just assume people know that ha :P

emma-teachingabroad-chinaesl asked:

HEY! So I was wondering if there are certain good ab work outs that will flatten my stomach. I honestly have the weirdest stomach, like it is lumpy looking no matter how skinny, fat, healthy, or out of shape I am. I always have this weird like lump (muscle, fat? I have no idea what it is) at the bottom of my ribcage which makes me super self-conscious. Is there a move that will even out my stomach?

Training Journey Answer:

Heya! :) doing exercises that prodmintaly work your transverse abdominis and erector spinae, should help tighten up your core and give you a flatter stomach. Plank, side plank, leg raises, jack knifes, dorsi rases, stomach vaccums. Well if it wobbles like jelly its fat and if you can tense it so its hard its muscle :P x

weights-and-winchesters asked:

2 questions- pre workout drinks, any advice or suggestions! Cardio before or after lifting?

Training Journey Answer:

Personally i only use them when i need to get over a plateau or i’m finding getting motivated is a struggle :) nitrates, caffeine and beta alanine are my 3 favorite ingredients (in that order:) constant use off most pre workouts i wouldn’t recommend depending on the ingredients. Unless its light cardio, after lifting :)


Day off, just had a great push session :D

Bench press
Incline bench press
Machine Flys
Dumbbell shoulders press
Lateral raises
Close grip press

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it!:p